Goodbye Old Life: Tips on Adjusting to College

I remember my first day of college like it was yesterday.

After helping me move in, my parents left and that’s the last I ever heard of them. Ok, I’m kidding I saw them during winter break. Anyway, one thought I remember playing over and over in my head was: What now? If you think you’re going to stay in your room forever and endlessly organize stuff let me tell you, eventually you’re going to have to leave and it’s best you be prepared. Thus I present, three very general, yet incredibly truthful, tips from someone who’s been there, done that.

1. Socialize!

The first friend I ever made at DePaul I met waiting for the elevator. There’s something about being in a confined space with someone that really makes you want to talk about your life. The point is, everyone is just as nervous as you. Meeting new people will happen in ways you won’t expect, but you gotta put yourself out there (and take the elevator).

2. Get to know your hall staff!

You’ve got your RAs, you’ve got your FAs, you’ve got your DRs! There’s always a staff member with an acronym as a job title somewhere and they’re there to help! Need to know the best table in the library for studying? The best meal at the Student Center? The best Netflix show to procrastinate your homework? They got you.

3. Take Advantage of Everything

Your hall is your home, so make sure you use all the amenities. Don’t want to walk to the library when it’s raining? Hello, study lounge! Avoiding laundry like no other? Visit on your phone so you can seem like you tried! Ok, but really that website tells you washer/dryer availability ON YOUR PHONE so, use it.

Literally been there – Campus Housing Veteran