What I Forgot To Pack: Campus Housing Veteran

Hey fam! I’m a notoriously bad packer. It doesn’t matter if I’m going on a two day trip to visit family or a month long underwater scuba adventure because I will forget toothpaste while simultaneously packing 12+ pairs of emergency pants.

Even if you’re better at packing than me (let’s be honest, doesn’t take much), it’s easy to forget stuff when you move to campus for the first time. This is particularly the case with items that you may be accustomed to having at home. So, checkout my top three forgotten “stuffs” below, emergency pants not included.

1. Kitchen Stuff 

By “kitchen stuff” I mean bring some basic, everyday items such as silverware, bowls and plates. I also found a small sauce pan and colander to be helpful for when I needed to boil water. That deluxe cake pop sprinkle making machine you have is cool, but remember we’re trying to maximize space. Do you want to sleep on cake pops? Ok, don’t answer that.

2. First Aid Stuff

By “first aid stuff” I mean bring things such as bandages, cold medicine and headache treatments. You may have had a medicine cabinet at home that always seemed to be magically stocked and well, that magic isn’t real and neither is Santa Claus (audible gasp).

3. Laundry Stuff

By “laundry stuff” I mean detergent and a basket/bag for transport. Laundry pods are the best and preferred detergent option because they’re pre-measured and less messy (hello, convenience). Powdered detergent is the worst option because you’ll use too much while simultaneously spilling all over the floor (it’s true, we’ve seen it).

View our full suggested packing list here! And remember that cake pops are for eating and laundry pods are not.

From someone who’s been there, CHV.