Campus Housing Veteran Explains: What Not to Bring

Ah, yes. We have entered that ever-familiar time when you’re strolling through the “dorm essentials” section at the store and you get two of every single item because well, you need it. Well we need a dozen donuts right now and instead we’re writing this blog so what ya gonna do. Anyway, let’s talk about 4 items you really should not bring with you when you move to campus for fall because take it from us, you don’t really need any of these things.

1. Candles

But the ocean breeze smells sooooooo good. We don’t disagree with you there, however we will propose an equation to help clarify our anti-candle stance. Open flame + lots of students living together = bad news. So please, do not bring candles of any kind.

2. Halogen light bulbs 

Half of you are thinking “wow, thanks for letting me know” and the other half are thinking “what even is a halogen light bulb?” If you’re part of the latter group, let’s keep it that way. If you’re part of the former group, please know that halogen light bulbs pose a fire hazard and we do not allow them inside residence halls.

3. More than one TV

You should be studying anyway! For real though, only one TV per room.  This means you should discuss with your roommates who will be bringing the TV so as to avoid the move-in day moment when you ALL have one. Awwwwwwwkkkkkward.

4. Just general excess

All in all, you should be packing light. The less stuff you bring, the more room you have to fill that space with new stuff you buy. Totally kidding. At the end of the year, most students report wishing they had packed less stuff, so keep that in mind when you’re next at the store needing one of everything.

For a full list of what not to bring visit

From someone who’s been there, CHV