Campus Housing Veteran Explains: The CTA

I know when I had my DePaul orientation I took one look at the CTA and said NOPE! While intimidating at first, it’s ridiculously easy to navigate. I quickly realized having easy access to the Fullerton stop (or Harrison if you’re living in the University Center) was one of my favorite parts about living on-campus.

 1. You’re gonna live super close!

You’ve probably figured out (thank you, internet) that the CTA has a variety of different “lines” that take you up, down and sideways around Chicago. My best friend is the red line as it gets me from Lincoln Park to the Loop the fastest. The short walk to the Fullerton (or Harrison for University Center) stop will become your second best friend, especially in the winter when, well when it’s super cold.  Just want to note I also have human friends, I really do.

2. You’re gonna have options! 

If you want some cool Insta pics *raises hand,* you can also take the elevated brown line. Not only will it take you to the Loop Campus just like the red, riding it will also impress any visiting family and friends. You just have to ride the brown line literally anywhere and people become instantly impressed with how much an adult you are. Just say, “Hey, we’re going to take the brown line to the Loop” and expect instantaneous appraise.

3. You’re gonna be nervous, and that’s ok!

Finally, everyone is nervous about taking the CTA the first time. Living on campus allowed to be nervous with other people though! Shared CTA nerves are better than solo CTA nerves, right?

From someone who’s been there, CHV.