Campus Housing Veteran Explains: Three Move-In Tips

As a DePaul student who has lived on campus for several years, I can probably definitely say that I know my way around the ins and outs of housing. As the title states, I am known around the university as the Campus Housing “Veteran.” In other words, this is a title I bestowed upon myself, but we’re just going to run with it. Why? Because you’ll be hearing a lot from me throughout the summer and having a pseudonym makes it more mysterious. Just let me have this moment, ok?

My top three move-in tips are…


Around July 4 you will receive a letter, which among many details, will include the name and contact information for your new roommate(s). My tip? Make sure you talk to them! While this sounds like common sense, good ol’ Campus Housing Veteran didn’t become a veteran without making a few mistakes, this being one of them. But really, you need to coordinate who is going to be bringing what stuff. Otherwise, you can expect one of these things to occur.

While not scientifically proven, good roommate communication usually results in the right amount of appliances per room, so I recommend it highly.


You are going to thank yourself (and me) for this one. As soon as you connect with your roommate and figure out who’s bringing what stuff, start packing those boxes! Move-in day will sneak up on you, sort of like how that final paper deadline will sneak up on you once you’re here.

  1. GET HYPE!

Living on campus at DePaul is an exciting opportunity, so remember to take some breaths in-between all that packing and appreciate the adventure. Also, you are going to be so glad that you live super close to your classes. That way, if you sleep late after a night of studying, leaving your room five minutes before a 1:00 p.m. class doesn’t sound that crazy. Of course, that’s if your class is on the same campus where you live. If it’s on the opposite, you’re going to be fashionably late.

From someone who’s been there, CHV. 


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