Top 4 Steps for Successful Move-Out

Move-out is coming and that means you not only have to deal with how to get your futon down the stairs, but you also have to make sure that you follow the entire process correctly.  Here are the top four steps to ensuring your move-out is, well successful.

  1. Clean Your Room!

It has been “scientifically” proven that cleaning can elicit strong reactions for all people. Nonetheless, it’s important to take out those pizza boxes and potentially, clean your room for the first time.

  1. Careful of Those Posters!

Pulling your posters off the wall with intense motion could potentially be harmful to the walls. You may not like the Eiffel Tower anymore, but don’t take that out on the walls.

  1. Return Your Mailbox Key!

Some would consider this a key step in the move-out process (slow, yet powerful applause). Mailbox keys and room keys are returned to separate locations. Your mailbox key should be returned directly to the Student Mail Center, located in the Student Center, suite 317.

4. Keep track of the time!

It’s going to be super awkward if you misjudge the move-out dates and times. Especially because we lock the buildings and throw away the keys. Just kidding, but we do check rooms.

Happy move-out folks and please consider donating that futon to DePaul SWAP as that might be easier than carrying it down the stairs.