Top 4 Acts That Would Play FEST in 1980s

Looking forward to FEST is one of the iconic elements of life on campus. Every year, we as students get to vote on some acts we want to bring in for our $10 musical festival held in the Quad. Obviously, there is always heated conversation among students about what performer they would like to see. What if we were teleported back into the 80s though? Put on your jean jackets because here are the top 5 performers from least to most likely:

  1. Toto

Toto has (arguably) the greatest song of the 1980’s, that being the song ‘Africa.” When the chorus begins to play, I can picture the entire quad screaming “IT’S GONNA TAKE A LOT TO DRAG ME AWAY FROM YOU,” so loud that they get a noise violation from the RA’s in University Hall. Toto would certainly be one of the top choices.

  1. U2

Late 80’s U2 is some of the most iconic music to come out of the era. Songs like “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and “With or Without You” are still played on the radio today. On top of that, their most famous album, “The Joshua Tree,” is so full of religious symbolism that St. Vincent DePaul would blush. After all, it’s chocked full of Vincentian values! A perfect choice for fest!

  1. Metallica

So this choice may be a bit more of a stretch. Metallica is the face of the thrash metal movement. They were huge in the 80’s and their fan base is still super loyal to this day. However, this is certainly heavier and darker music than most of FEST would be used to. However, their references to things like “demons” may inspire our very own Blue Demons basketball team!

  1. Chicago

Chicago was a great band in the 70’s and 80’s and also has a fantastic connection to our Blue Demons! The band was actually started by students at DePaul (for real, look it up). How appropriate that they be the number one choice to come to FEST? Very appropriate, we think.


For more info on FEST at DePaul, click here.

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