Which Campus Apartment Is Best For Eating Pizza?

We know some of you only clicked this link because there was a stock image of pizza and that’s ok!

It’s hard to think of where you’re going to live next year when you’re still trying to make it through the current one. Then your Mom texts and you you’re like: “Ok I remember now.” Lucky for you (and your Mom), we’re here to tell you that it’s almost time for Room Selection! We have many options that all vary greatly, so below we’re discussing some of the most important deets.

Centennial Hall.

A very popular apartment option, Centennial Hall is located literally directly next to the “L.” No really, the walk from your door to the train will take less than 5 minutes. That is, unless you stop at Whole Foods for pizza. Oh also, Centennial is a great option for pizza lovers.

Loop Campus.

Getting an apartment in the Loop is cool. Imagine at your high school reunion when you’re trying to one-up your frenemies on whose college experience was better. Apartment in downtown Chicago? You win, automatically.

Sheffield Square.

It’s honestly so quaint and lovely. Also when you live there, you get to enjoy that private, gated courtyard. Not only is it a great place to study, it’s a great place to stare at those walking by and revel in the fact that you’re sitting and they’re walking.

Sanctuary Hall

That’s the building you walk past and think, “I’ve never been in that building.” Well we’re here to tell you it’s overflowing with one-of-a-kind character. Also, space. You get a lot of space, which you can use to hang up even more posters than you did this year.

Click here to read about more apartment options and Room Selection.

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