What Even is an FA?

If you haven’t heard, we’re hiring facilities assistants (FAs) for the 2018-19 academic year. If you’re presently, asking yourself “what even is an FA” then you clearly didn’t read our last post *eyeroll.* Fine, fine we’ll say it again – FAs are part-time student employees who receive campus housing, a regularly paid stipend and a partial meal plan as compensation. Don’t yet believe this is the best campus job in the history of ever? Read on friends, read on.

You get housing….as compensation.

Imagine a world where the housing bill never comes and the rent checks never need to be written. Hey, that can be your world! Also, FAs are placed in larger apartments than the standard first-year unit (they even have in-unit kitchens). The paid stipend and partial meal plan are really just the cherry on top this housing sundae.

You still live close to…uhh…everything.

You want pizza? You’re close. You have class in the Loop and need to get to the train? You’re very close. You want more pizza? You get the idea. This opportunity gives you all the benefits of living on campus just with added benefits. Mmmm, benefits.

You work with a great team!

Look at the picture above. LOOK. AT. IT. Those smiling faces are great people. You’ll learn a lot as an FA and make some new friends along the way.


Visit studentemployment.depaul.edu to view the position and apply.

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