It’s Almost Winter Break. What Do I Do Now?

Nope, the headline is not a typo; it is indeed almost winter break. We don’t know where fall went either (but if you find it, let us know). In the meantime, let us break down some important steps you should know regarding your campus housing over winter break.

Leave when you’re supposed to:

Traditional-style halls will close at noon on Wednesday, November 22. Residents of traditional-style halls must leave no later than this time. Both campus apartments and the University Center in the Loop will remain open for the entirety of the break. Residents of these halls are not required to leave. Please click here if you’re still unsure about whether or not you need to leave. Note: Traditional-style halls include Belden-Racine, Clifton-Fullerton, Corcoran, Munroe, Seton and University halls.

Leave your belongings in your room:

Residents do not need to remove all belongings from their room.

But take the items you need:

This includes your room keys, your DePaul ID Card and anything you think you might possibly, could maybe, need over the break (medications, laptops, etc.).

 Don’t expect to re-enter a closed building:

If you forget your phone charger, you’re just not going to have to go the entire winter break with a dead phone (not sorry about it). Re-entry to closed buildings after noon on Wednesday, November 22 will not be accommodated.

 Take out your trash:

Imagine that old pizza box sits in your room for six weeks. We don’t have to imagine it because it’s happened. Take out your trash and remove all food before you leave. Also, unplug electrical appliances (though not fridges) and remove items from your bathroom for cleaning.

See you in 2018 (again, if you find 2017 somewhere let us know).

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