Best Downtown Spots to Drink a PSL

If you haven’t heard, it’s October and if you’re like us, you live for this time of year. Crunching leaves? Yes. Wearing every sweater we own? Double yes. Pumpkin spice lattes? SO MUCH YES. So we’ve translated our love for all things fall into this list of our five favorite fall Loop Campus activities, including how many PSLs you should drink while you’re doing them. Image credit:

The Art Institute of Chicago

Pumpkin spice status: Optional, but preferred (just finish it before you enter the galleries).

The Art Institute of Chicago is arguably one of the best museums in the entire country (ok, we’re biased but still). It’s full of incredible pieces of art from all the way in the past to modern day, and nothing beats wandering through the hallways on a chilly autumn day. What makes this place even better is the fact that DePaul students get in entirely free! F-R-E-E, folks, as in no currency is exchanged—got it?

Millennium Park

Pumpkin spice status: required (don’t even enter the park without one).

Millennium Park is one of the most iconic areas in the city and just so happens to be located within walking distance of our Loop Campus. It’s also…wait for it….full of trees. What’s the relevance of this you ask? Prime location for fall photos.

(Insert coffee shop here)

Pumpkin spice status: Duh.

There are so many coffee shops in the Loop, but somehow we always find ourselves waiting in that long line at the DePaul Center. Take some time during an extra-long class break or before you had back to your room and find some new places to try. In the process you may even become a bigger pumpkin spice connoisseur than us (unlikely though).


Pumpkin spice status: Probably frowned upon, but have one before you go.

Chicago is full of fantastic musicals to see. The theaters downtown in the Loop are home to a variety of great traveling productions. Whether it’s “Les Miserables” (which is coming very soon) “Wicked” (you’ve heard of this one, right?) or “Hamilton” (which is staying in Chicago for another few months), you’ll have many opportunities to see some of Broadway’s best productions.

Navy Pier

Pumpkin spice status: One for you and one for your mom.

Alright, alright Navy Pier really isn’t one of our favorite places to go (can you say tourists?). However, your family will probably insist on going there and ask you every time you see them if you go there regularly, so our suggestion is to go and develop a story about how remarkable it is so they leave you alone.



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