You Live On The Lincoln Park Campus When…

What’s living on campus if there aren’t a few quirks involved? Love ya, Lincoln Park.

You’ve been nervous crossing the Belden and Sheffield intersection: If you’re living in Lincoln Park, you probably cross this intersection an unprecedented amount of times every day. You’ve also probably experienced moments with lots of traffic, lots of athletes, people with strollers, a dog or two and a person pushing a cart of food across all at once. Sometimes it’s so hectic we have to take a deep breath before crossing just to prepare ourselves.

You’ve tried getting in a workout 30 minutes before the Ray closes: You wake up in the morning and think, “The gym is open until 11:30 tonight. I’ve got so much time to get there.” Then you go to class, take a nap and binge watch some shows on your HBO Go account. All of a sudden it’s 11 p.m. and you haven’t worked out yet. Yup, we’ve all been there.

You’ve needed a quick snack at Whole Foods, but the line is really long: You’re on your way to class in the Loop and want to conveniently stop in for a quick granola bar or banana. Then you see that the line has wrapped around the store and you have to admit defeat. We keep extra snacks on hand for this reason specifically.

You’ve traveled from West Campus to East Campus all by crisscrossing through buildings: If you’re as crafty as us, you’ve learned how to navigate your way from one end of campus to the other all while spending the absolute minimum of time outside. To be honest, we wouldn’t be able to survive the winter if the library didn’t connect the Quad to Kenmore Avenue.

You’ve had to explain to someone how O’Connell, SAC and Levan are three separate buildings: To be honest, it took us awhile to figure this out too, and every time we explain it to someone we confused ourselves. It’s three buildings, fused together with three different names, that look like one structure? Gosh, we’re confused already.

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