Our Five Fav Things to do in Lincoln Park


Go to class, ride the train, drink the coffee. It’s easy to get stuck in the college routine and forget that you’re living in a great neighborhood with tons of stuff to do. Yes, that’s right: The world exists outside of your residence hall and we’re here to help you explore it! See our top 5 Lincoln Park activities below.

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool: Stroll east down Fullerton Avenue until you reach the quiet and serene oasis that is the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool. This refreshingly quiet space offers guests a hidden garden with plenty of benches to sit, unplug and escape. If it’s raining, go to the nearby Lincoln Park Conservatory. Where: 125 W. Fullerton Parkway.

DePaul Art Museum: That building you always stare at while waiting for the train? Yeah, you can (and should) go in there sometime. Nothing beats strolling through the collections on a rainy day contemplating life and sipping on a latte (just don’t spill it). Oh and also, admission is always free. Where: 935 W. Fullerton Ave.

Lincoln Park (yes, the actual park): It almost seems too redundant to add this to our list, but at 1,208 acres—and as the source of our neighborhood’s name—Lincoln Park is worthy of its own entry. Not only does the park contain the already-mentioned Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, but it is also a great place for outdoor exercise like jogging or yoga. If that’s not your thing, try grabbing an open bench and people watching for a couple hours. Where: 500-5700 N. Lake Shore Drive.

Literally any bakery: Life is too short to not eat good doughnuts…and cupcakes…and err, any dessert. It’s a good thing that Lincoln Park is a literal cornucopia of bakeries. We suggest trying as many as possible for, you know, research purposes. Where: Throughout. Check the intersection of West Webster and Racine avenues for one of our favs.

The beach: Need we say more? There’s sand, there’s water and there’s some of the best city views you’ll find. We suggest riding a bike down the lakefront trail and taking lots of selfies (though probably not simultaneously). Where: Intersection of Fullerton Avenue and Lake Shore Drive.

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