Moving In? Leave These 5 Items at Home.

So it’s move-in time and you want the entire “room essentials” collection at Target. Before you load up the cart with everything under the sun, take a look these five items you should leave at home when packing. View our prohibited items list in its entirety here.

Candles and incense – Sorry, but your room just won’t be able to smell like a vanilla cupcake wafting in a tropical ocean breeze this year. Candles (even unlit) are not permitted in any residence hall on campus due to the threat they pose to fire safety. Leave candles and other flammable items at home because if they are discovered by staff, they will be confiscated.

Extension cords – Back in our day we climbed over large hills of snow just to get to the one-room schoolhouse and didn’t need no electricity! OK, we’re exaggerating … we know staying connected and having your devices charged is very important. Instead of a tangled mess of extension cords (which are prohibited), consider bringing a power strip with built-in circuit breaker. Not only will this provide you will multiple charging ports, it’s also a safer alternative.

That extra TV – Back in our day we didn’t watch TV! OK, we get it that joke isn’t funny anymore (if it ever was). The point is, only one TV, microwave and mini-fridge is permitted per unit. Connect with your roommate(s) now to determine who is responsible for each item.

Drain clog removing chemicals – While we do our best to ensure plumbing in residence hall bathrooms and kitchens is working adequately, clogs may occur as the academic year progresses. It’s important to remember that plumbing is a complex and intricate system and liquid/gel drain clog removers can damage pipes and create toxic fumes for other residents. Leave those substances at home and submit a work order if you experience plumbing-related issues.

Candles (again): Did we mention candles already? We’re giving them two entire line items on this list because they are the most confiscated item. We’ll say it one more time in case it just wasn’t clear: Candles (even unlit) are not permitted in DePaul University residence halls.

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