What Can I Do Between Now and Move-In?

Connect with your roommate(s): Contact info for your roommate(s) was provided in the assignments packet you received in early July and can be found at myhousing.depaul.edu. If you haven’t already, use the remainder of the summer to connect with them, learn more about them and discuss the “who’s bringing what” scenario. Remember, only one microwave, mini-fridge and TV are permitted per room. While duplications of other, smaller items will not be in violation of housing policy, extras of things you don’t need will take up space in your unit.

Double check the prohibited items list: We know, we say it a lot, but just because this is really important stuff. The possession of many of these items can place the building and its residents at risk of a fire or other safety hazard. Leaving these items at home will prevent them from being confiscated by housing facilities staff. Also, it’s less stuff you have to pack and carry. Note: If you’re living in the Loop, you can view the University Center’s prohibited items list on their website.

Recruit additional help (if possible): While professional moving assistance will be provided on the two main university move-in days (August 27 and September 2), having additional assistance from friends and family always helps. In past years, families have expressed gratitude at ensuring they brought their own dolly or that their student packed belongings in items with wheels.

Don’t forget to have fun: Move-in day isn’t all about carrying boxes and rearranging furniture (though we will admit that is a large component). It’s also about your transition to what we hope will be the best year(s) of your life. Once you’ve unpacked the last bag or unloaded the last box, take a walk around campus with family members (or on your own!), go get some coffee or simply sit down in the nearest available chair and relax.

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