Five Tips for a Successful Move-Out

 Know dates and deadlines (winter move-out is coming)

All residents must be completely moved out of their unit by noon on Saturday, June 10. Due to short turnover periods, it is imperative that you meet the move-out deadline in order to avoid an improper move fee of $150. There are also allotted dates and time frames in which residents may pick up confiscated items, borrow moving carts or access freight elevators. Specifics regarding these dates will be outlined in the 2017 Move-Out Guide that will be distributed directly to your unit in early June.

Start preparing early (like now, start preparing now)

While move-out may still seem far away, the date will approach rapidly and it is best not to be caught off guard. Start preparing early by determining what items you don’t need and if they are eligible to be donated to the end-of-year SWAP (Surplus With A Purpose) program. Donation tables for SWAP will be in the lobbies of most residence halls beginning Monday, June 5.

Spend your meal plan balance (invite ALL your friends to lunch)

Meal plan balances do not roll over to the next academic year. Whatever balance is remaining after June 9 will be forfeited in its entirety. There are several ways to spend down your meal plan balance including ordering nonperishables in bulk or donating money to charity. Visit to learn more.

Recruit friends and family (hopefully you don’t have to beg)

Professional moving assistance will not be available when moving out. Beginning Friday, June 2 from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. residents will have the option of issuing guest wristbands to up to five guests who are actively involved in their move-out. All guests will be required to show a valid state- or government-issued ID to be issued a wristband.

Clean, clean and clean again (did we mention cleaning?)

After move-out every unit on campus will be inspected by student and professional staff members for damages and cleaning charges. All damages will be split equally between roommates (and, if eligible, suitemates for bathroom charges), unless a written notification by the responsible party is provided to by June 10. To avoid these and other charges, be sure to clean floors and sinks, remove sticky tac or adhesives from walls, un-bunk beds and place furniture back to its original position.


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