Live here another year! The dos, the don’ts and an absolutely.

Room selection is the process where current residents are given the opportunity to return to on-campus housing for the next academic year. Just imagine another year with convenient laundry. Another year of waking up at 9:30 for your 9:40 class. Another year of being within walking distance of amenities like the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center and the “L.” In sum, you can think of room selection as another year of greatness. Want to participate in the greatness? Follow the five tips below.

DO complete a Housing Agreement by March 31.

In order to participate in the room selection process, use Housing Connection to complete an agreement for the 2017-18 academic year. Each person wishing to participate in room selection will be given a designated appointment time. Priority is given to those who complete agreements by March 31.

DO review your room selection packet.

After completing your agreement, you will receive a room selection packet via your campus mailbox. This packet will include details on meal plans, apartment-style residence halls, Loop Campus housing options and also your specific room selection appointment time. Note: That last part is so important, we would bold it twice if we could.

DON’T miss your room selection appointment.

Your room selection appointment time is specific and unique to you. If you cannot make your assigned appointment time, you may use the proxy form (included in your room selection packet) to send a trusted friend in your place. Appointments will be April 11 to live in the Loop (University Center) and April 18-20 to live in Lincoln Park.

DON’T forget to view available units.

The Department of Housing Services offers many opportunities for you to view available units to provide a better sense of different spaces and building types. The best way in which to do this is to attend either the University Center tour (April 7) or the Lincoln Park Campus open house (April 12). No registration is required for the Lincoln Park open house—simply show up to any of the featured buildings that interest you!

ABSOLUTELY contact the Department of Housing Services with any questions.

We’re here to help! Questions about appointment times, meal plans, proxy forms and anything related to the room selection process, we got you. Use the contact form or visit our website.