You’re Accepted. Now What?

What’s one of the first things you think about after being accepted into college? How much you’re going to learn? How to separate whites from darks in the laundry? How much coffee you’re going to consume? While all of these are very important, the next logical question for many students is where they are going to live. With upwards of 70% of DePaul first-year students living in campus housing, the application process can be both exciting and, at times, overwhelming.  Check out our five tips to help make this experience less overwhelming and more just plain “whelming.”

  1. Apply Early (No, really, do it now)

Before you can start planning your many interior decorating ideas, you have to apply and be officially assigned a living space. Since housing is not guaranteed for students, the earlier you submit your application, the greater chance you’ll be assigned to a residence hall. You should apply for housing as soon as you’ve been accepted and are positive you want to live on campus. Plus, after your application is submitted, you’re able to sit back, relax, and think about all the new room accessories you’re going to bring.

  1. Research a Roommate (Not in a weird way, though)

So you hate waking up early and can’t stand the color green. Whatever your quirks, a successful housing assignment includes a successful roommate pairing. Through our online roommate survey, you’re able to describe your personality traits in an effort to find a match that’s just right for you. While we can’t guarantee you’ll find your perfect match, we’ll do our best to take your roommate request into account. Also, try checking out the Facebook “Class of” group to make connections with future DePaul students from all around the country and around the world.

  1. Take a Virtual Tour (Gosh, we love technology)

Community-style bathrooms, suite-style bathrooms, near the Quad, near the “L.” There are so many options and frankly so little time to explore them all during a campus visit. By checking out the tours, floor plans, and campus maps on our website, you’ll be able to learn more about the residence halls and which one best fits your preferences. You can even take a 360 degree tour of your potential new unit, all without leaving your couch.

  1. Know Your Dates (They’re not just random numbers)

There are certainly many important deadlines on the road to college, and housing is no exception. Stay attuned to housing application and cancellation deadlines to avoid frustrations later. This also doubles as practice for managing all of those study deadlines once school begins!

  1. Use Available Resources (Ahem, that means us)

Remember that our office is an important resource for you not only during your application process, but also throughout your entire time staying with us. There are many ways to contact us, and we look forward to hearing from you!